Welcome to the Home for the Art of Tania Radda

Life Forms

These sculptures take on lifelike forms derived from nature, where insects, plants and animals are presented in larger scale, enabling the viewer to experience a different perspective.

Sometimes my work makes reference to ordinary objects that I find appealing; while in other cases it ponders issues that interest me. The work has a cartoonish quality at times, which reflects my love for the world of cartoons and fantasy- a world where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, where clichés are explored, and where the absurd becomes the norm. 

I have always been fascinated with mankind’s persistence in exploring the natural wonders of this world. I enjoy reading and exploring books about plants, animals, and any kind of life. Growing up in Brazil, I experienced up close the fascinating aspects of nature and today I find that by sculpting these pieces, I can continue to explore and study these wonderful life forms. This process keeps my mind open to new discoveries while feeding my spirit with inspiration that keeps me going as an artist.

In my series “Where is Babo?” I pay homage to my uncle Babo (Oswaldo), an art dealer, who opened so many doors and helped me discover the artistic world. This is where the world of “James and the Giant Peach” discovers the world of “Where is Waldo?” I use plants to create an environment that sometimes is inhabited by this small creature I call “Babo”. 

My teapots are reflections of the whimsical aspects of nature. I enjoy creating teapots that are fun, colorful and representational of plants, animals or objects. Enjoy and explore my sculptures, and keep in mind that all these pieces are made entirely of wood. No other material has been used.

All work is for sale unless marked sold.  I can provide (upon request) a price list for work available. I accept commission orders for new work. Please contact me if there is any work here that interests you even if it has been sold, and keep in mind that I work with any budget.

Tania Radda